Mister Sleepy Magic Drops - 15mL


Our gentle sleep-enhancing diffuser oil is proven to help little ones fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. 

Specifically designed for babies and toddlers, our diffuser oil is perfectly balanced to:

- soothe

- destress

- and relieve anxiety

- while inspiring irresistible feelings of calm and sleepiness! 




At Mister Sleepy, we believe your baby's products should be as pure as they are. That's why our Mister Sleepy Magic Drops are made from high quality, sustainably-sourced, never-chemically treated plants. There are no additives or adulterations. No synthetic fillers or artificial fragrances. Just 100% pure essential oils balanced perfectly to ease your little one into sleep.



Directions: Add 3-5 drops to your little one’s diffuser or humidifier prior to bedtime. Allow the space to fill with the aroma as you go about your regular bedtime routine. Notice the difference right away and enjoy some sweet cuddles as you say Good Night!


Ingredients: lavender, chamomile, sweet orange, ylang ylang, bergamot

organic | vegan | cruelty free 

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