Letter from the founder

Hi Mamas and Papas,

My name is Michelle Ellis. I’m the founder of Mister Sleepy. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but spent most of my adult life living in New York working for various tech startups. 

How did I go from the New York tech scene to holistic baby products in Sydney? I met and married a guy from London. More to that story of course, but together we welcomed our little Australian-born baby, Eveleigh, in February 2021. And that is how this journey began.

When Eveleigh turned 5 months old, I decided to relocate her sleeping area from our bedroom to her nursery. I wanted to create a room that strongly encouraged sleep to the point it seemed nearly impossible to stay awake. From blackout curtains to the hum of a white noise machine, I knew the most important element in creating the environment would come down to aroma.

I began trying out a few diffuser oil sleep aids that all promised to do the job, and all fell very flat. Unfortunately, that's something we've become all too used to, isn't it? It’s almost rare these days to find a product that does what it promises. And on top of that, I was massively disappointed to learn the list of ingredients making up more than half the bottle.

Synthetic fillers and artificial fragrances, and with those, heavy metals and contaminants. I wasn't okay with it. These adulterations are a practice used by many companies to cut costs and improve their bottom line, but the efficacy is lost.

And the bigger concern; this is what my baby was breathing in! Where was an honest, trustworthy product in this space? I thought a lot of moms may feel the same. So I created it.

I started testing out a blend of my own using pure essential oils, getting the balance just right, and the difference was night and day. Eveleigh could not keep her eyes open whenever her diffuser was on!

Although I am a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, I’m not a homeopath or someone who subscribes solely to Eastern medicine. I just like things that work and work fast. That's the New Yorker in me I suppose. But in this case, the 100% pure, organic nature of this product is precisely why it works.

So here is my honest promise: Every ingredient in Mister Sleepy Magic Drops has been scientifically proven to soothe, destress and relieve anxiety, as well as inspire feelings of calm and sleepiness - and these ingredients will always remain in their purest most magical form, so they can and will do their job.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Mister Sleepy.

Wishing you all long naps and sleep-filled nights!


Michelle Ellis (Founder/CEO)